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Kitten WellnessEveryone at Buckley Veterinary Hospital is excited to meet your new kitten and welcome him or her into our family!

The first wellness exam is critical in establishing the health of your kitten, so it is important to bring your kitten in for an exam as soon as possible. Premature kittens may suffer more from medical issues as their immune system is not fully mature, and may be more at risk for certain health issues. Kittens who have not had adequate medical care prior to adoption may have pre-existing conditions that should be addressed. At Buckley Veterinary Hospital, our kitten exam will ensure that your new companion will be on his or her way to growing up healthy and strong.

Your Kitten's First Visit

Please bring your kitten in an enclosed carrier along with all veterinary records or other paperwork you have pertaining to your kitten’s care. Also, please bring a fresh stool sample (ideally less than 12 hours old). At your kitten's first visit with us, we will perform a comprehensive examination and check for internal and external parasites. Kittens will need a series of vaccinations during their first year of life to protect them from many dangerous (but preventable) diseases, and we will develop a vaccination plan specifically for your kitten. We will discuss any questions you may have concerning care for your pet including: diet and nutrition, behavioral issues, integrating the new kitten into your home, and litter training.

Your kitten’s first exam will include:

  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • Optional screening for viruses specific to felines, such as Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Intestinal parasite (worms) screening and deworming if necessary
  • Vaccines based on your kitten’s current age and expected lifestyle
  • Flea and internal parasite protection
  • Behavior and house training recommendations
  • Nutritional counseling

Vaccines and Your Kitten

We believe in designing a personalized vaccine schedule for each kitten to maximize the protection against any diseases your kitten is likely to be exposed to. There are many diseases that are preventable through the regular use of vaccines, so it is important to vaccinate your kitten against the diseases to which he or she may be exposed

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