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Annual preventative care is even more important for senior animals to prevent or delay the diseases that older animals are more prone to, such as osteoarthritis, hormone disorders, organ failure, cancer, and disease of the kidney, heart, and liver. Animals age at a rate of five to seven times that of humans, so regular wellness visits are strongly recommended to make sure that your pet’s healthcare needs are being met.

At Buckley Veterinary Hospital, we offer programs tailored specifically for the needs of senior dogs and senior cats including: a complete blood count, urinalysis, blood-chemistry panel, and parasite evaluation. Our veterinarians can also suggest formulated prescription diets for your pet, whose changing nutritional needs will benefit from specialized food. Keeping your pet active is also helpful in slowing the deterioration of senses associated with the aging process. Please speak with our veterinarians to learn more about keeping your senior pet healthy.

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